It's now even easier to download directly from the app stores!

There is many great rewards and benefits to downloading our app:

* Play daily reward games

* Check your points balance

* Promotions and offers

* Keep up to date with what's happening at the club

Our App game Wild West is a chance to WIN a share in $200 Cash every Monday. Every day you can play the game up to 5 times and earn entries in the draw where we will give away 4 x $50 cash. You will be notified directly through the app and will have 7 days to claim your prize at our rewards kiosks in the club. 

Draws will start on Monday at 6pm.


1. Member searches ExServos & downloads from their app store

2. Member adds their mobile number in to confirm

3. Member will be sent an opt-in pin to their mobile once confirmed

4. Member enters the opt-in pin and their member pin code (their DOB, the same as the kiosk)

5. Member can now start to earn, win and receive notifications via our ExServos app

If a Members mobile number is not recognised, they will need to call the Club direct to update their membership details to match.

It's that easy, so why not download today!

Members APP