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Members Cash Draw

Every Sunday

Members Cash Draw is on again this Sunday!

Our Members Cash Draw happens EVERY Sunday and this Sunday there is up to $4,600!

Entries are happening all week! Members will need to swipe daily at the Rewards Kiosk and touch the Members Cash Draw button for their entries. The amount of entries will be depend on your tier and will be as follows:
5 entries for Platinum members
4 entries for Gold members
3 entries for Silver members
2 entries for Bronze members
1 entry for White members

Members will need to check-in on the Sunday from 4.30pm by swiping their members card at the kiosk or using their card at POS or in the gaming room. Draws will start at 6.30pm. There will be 4 Draws, the first 3 will be from the checked-in members and they will be:
6.30pm - $100 Cash
7.30pm - $200 Cash
8.30pm - $300 Cash
The last draw will be from the entire members database and will be:
9.00pm - $4,000 Cash

Every Sunday the last draw will be draw from the entire members base and if not won will jackpot to the following week until it reaches $5,000 when it must be won!. When it reaches $5,000 the final draw will be drawn from the checked-in members only!

So remember to swipe each day you visit the Club and touch the button to get your entries in on the week leading up to the Sunday!

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