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Cancellation of Foxtel Subscription Service

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Notice to Members
Cancellation of Foxtel Subscription Service 1st March 2020

The Board of Directors & Management of the Club would like to inform our members that following discussions with Foxtel regarding our Subscription Service, we have made the decision to cancel our subscription at the end of February 2020.

In August 2018, Foxtel advised the Club that they would be introducing a new “Rate Card” System from which they would then set the applicable monthly rate for the provision of their service and programs to the Club.

Foxtel advised the Club that our monthly subscription rate will increase from $3,636.36 per month to $4,253.00 per month for the provision of their services from October 2018.

We have since argued, discussed and debated unsuccessfully against this 17% increase for no additional benefit or improvement in service.

Currently we are paying $4,384.60 per month for this service. That is $52,615.09 per annum.

We believe that their product is not worth the value they are asking and as such have informed Foxtel to turn off their service at the Club as of 1st March 2020.

We have not taken this decision lightly and will try to continue to work with Foxtel to reintroduce the service at a fair price, but the commercial reality is, that $52,615.09 per year for this service does not represent good value in outlay of member’s funds.

We acknowledge that not having Foxtel available may inconvenience some members who like to watch NRL, AFL and Cricket when it is not shown on free to air TV channels. In reality, we cannot condone the price gouging of Foxtel, at the possible expense of sporting, community support and member benefits which we would have to reduce to pay for the inflated cost of their monthly subscription.

If you feel disenfranchised by the Club’s decision to withdraw from paying for the Foxtel Subscription Service, please feel free to ring Foxtel on 03 8325 2222 and air your opinion with them.

The Board and Management of the Club are also more than happy to discuss our decision with individual members if they need any clarification on the decision we have taken to discontinue the business relationship with Foxtel.

Members should be aware that our decision to end the association with Foxtel does not affect the broadcast of Sky Channel Racing Services, which is a different entity and subscription service. All racing channels are available as normal.
We trust that you understand the decision we have made is in the best interests of the majority of our members and the community that we continue to support.

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